What are medium format digital cameras?

Medium format digital cameras use 120 size film, or, for more advanced cameras, a digital imaging sensor that imitates 120 size film. Though there is no standardized size for medium format cameras, they are typically smaller than large format (102x127mm) and bigger than full-frame sensors (135).

Medium format digital cameras are great for high-quality, authentic color images. Medium format cameras provide a lot of detail and handle exposure really well. As far as image sharpness is concerned, they beat out SLRs significantly. They have been known to make images “pop”. A lot of advertisers and fashion photographers choose to use medium format specifically for these reasons.

Medium format digital cameras have a unique set of positive characteristics. They are dynamic cameras, with a wide range of allowable frame sizes and aspect ratios. They are also virtually endlessly customizable due to their interchangeable parts. Newer models also have a large image sensor ranging from 43.8x32.9mm to 53.7x40.2mm.

These cameras give a wilder angle view and a signature look that immediately separates them from other cameras. They are also markedly versatile thanks to their interchangeable parts.

All of these features come together to deliver excellent images and video. Check out our library of thirteen million stock videos to see some of this incredible quality.

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