What are 4K mirrorless cameras

4K mirrorless cameras bring the highest video quality to date. Not only are mirrorless cameras smaller and lighter than their competitors, but 4K is almost four times as high resolution as an HD video viewing experience. If you want a camera that is compact but also high-powered for video, this is a top pick.

Mirrorless cameras are cameras that do not have a mirror. They operate by exposing the imaging sensor to light at all times directly through the lens. Mirrorless cameras still use digital interchangeable lenses, and may or may not have electronic viewfinders. Without the mirror, these cameras are significantly smaller than DSLRs.

In addition to size, mirrorless cameras also have a significant advantage when it comes to video resolution. Since there is no mirror, what you see in your viewfinder on a mirrorless camera is what you get. With DSLRs, video quality can be poor, since DSLRs cannot use phase detection with the mirror up while shooting video. Instead, they have to use slower, less accurate contrast-detection focus methods. This can make video quality blurry on DSLRs. In contrast, mirrorless cameras give you the live view immediately without obstruction, because you don’t need to worry about a mirror flip affecting the video quality. The light is directly on the light sensor the entire time with no mirror.

Mirrorless cameras dramatically surpass the majority of DSLRs in video quality and can capture 4K, Ultra HD video out-of-the-box. At Shutterstock, we offer a variety of 4K, HD, and SD video in a wide array of categories and frames per second. Check out all our video options today.

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