What Are Video Settings for YouTube

Whether you’re uploading your newest creation or watching the latest content, there are several video settings that you can adjust in order to fine-tune your uploading or viewing experience. Find out how to navigate the various video settings for YouTube today.

Encoding and Uploading Your Videos

For uploading videos, YouTube has a number of specific settings for the highest quality videos. Your video should use the following encoding settings:

  • MP4 file type
  • Stereo or Stereo + 5.1, 96khz or 48khz
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

For best results, be sure to save your videos with these specific settings in order to upload the best quality YouTube videos. Alternative aspect ratios and/or file sizes can be uploaded to YouTube, but you may not experience optimal viewing quality or adjustable settings.

Privacy Settings

Once your video is uploaded, another important setting to consider is privacy. YouTube videos can be set to three different privacy settings:

  • Unlisted video
  • Private video
  • Public video

Unlisted videos can be shared via URL or added to a channel. However, they are otherwise unavailable for viewing. Private videos aren’t available for viewing by anyone but the creator. Public videos can be searched, recommended, shared and added to channels. You must choose a privacy setting when you upload your video, and you can update the privacy setting as needed.

Video Quality Settings

Depending on the resolution of the video, you can adjust the quality while watching a video on YouTube. YouTube typically selects a resolution automatically from a list of these resolutions:

  • 144s
  • 240s
  • 360s
  • 480s
  • 720s
  • 1080s
  • 1440s
  • 2160s

Lower resolution can be chosen to decrease the video load time, but higher resolution offers a clearer image. Select your own resolution to tailor your viewing experience.

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