What Are Video Settings for Facebook?

In order to upload and view the highest quality videos on Facebook, there are a few important settings to understand. Video settings for Facebook can control the resolution, size and accessibility of your video in order to reach your intended audience.

Uploading Videos

Not all social media videos recommend the same file format and aspect ratio. Use a supported format for Facebook videos in order to share videos that are easy to view on a variety of devices.

One of the challenges of uploading videos to Facebook and other social media channels is determining whether to choose horizontal or vertical video settings. You’ll have to consider whether your video is primarily targeted toward mobile users, who typically view social media channels vertically, or desktop viewers who prefer landscape videos.

Privacy Settings

Another video setting to understand on Facebook is privacy settings. You can select who can view your video as you post it, or update your selection at any time. Typically, you’re given the option of sharing your video or post with

  • Friends
  • Public

Public videos are searchable by anyone, whether or not they have a Facebook account. If your video is posted on another timeline, whether a friend, family member or company, that page owner has the ability to adjust the privacy settings.

Video Viewing Settings

From your own HD videos to content shared by friends and family, adjusting video settings on Facebook can help you improve load times and resolution issues.

You can access your video settings to change the default video quality settings, or you can manually adjust each video you view. The video settings page can change the default setting to SD only or HD, if available. HD videos offer higher resolution, but SD only uses less data and can increase your video load time.

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