Most Popular Video Camera Techniques

James Cameron once said, "There's no such thing as an easy shot." Whether you're an aspiring videographer or veteran filmmaker, there are some video camera techniques—both basic and advanced—that can help you improve the quality of your footage and take your videos to the next level.

Tilt Shots

Tilt shots are easy and are therefore tend to be overused and poorly executed. However, when used sparingly and at the right moments, tilt shots can have a strong impact on the overall message you're trying to convey with a scene. Before you set up a tilt shot, be sure to set up your camera correctly so you don't accidentally pan in the process.


Panning, like tilt shots, are simple and therefore overused. However, like tilting, panning can help achieve an elegant shot and have a substantial impact on a scene. Keep panning pure by designing shots in such a way as to lock off tilting.

Motion Blur Effect

Motion blur effect can help you accentuate subtle yet essential movements in just about any scene. Though when you think of this effect you think of exaggerated versions of it, the truth is that videographers and photographers use it all the time to recreate the natural perception of the human eye. Failure to do so, especially in action shots, can render a video flat and unrealistic looking.

Over the Shoulder Shot

Over the shoulder shots are some of the most difficult to achieve. In fact, they're so difficult that many filmmakers forego them entirely because they're time-consuming to set up and often, they end up getting either too much or too little shoulder in the foreground. However, if you can master this technique, you can create a sense of intimacy that is difficult to achieve with any other method.

Time Lapse

Just like slow motion has the power to accentuate a scene, so too does time lapse. Time lapse speeds up the events of a narrative to either show natural processes that would take too long to show in a single shot or to help audiences comprehend processes that are short by stretching them. Regardless of how you plan to use time lapse, it's a technique worth learning.

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