What Is a Video Stabilizer?

Image stabilization (IS) refers to the process that occurs within your camera that analyzes its movements and adjusts accordingly to minimize blurriness. IS is essential for on-the-go photos, such as those you take when in a car, riding a bike or walking along a sidewalk. Individuals with unsteady hands, of which there are many, benefit from IS as well. Though camera technology has come a long way since the devices advent, and though video camera stabilizer software exists now, video stabilization is achieved in more or less the same manner as it was decades ago: with a tripod, brace or other physical device.

Today's Stabilizers

It is not uncommon for professional videographers to use tripods to shoot a scene or capture footage. However, because of how complex movies sets are today, and because of how competitive the film industry is, filmmakers need to be able to shoot scenes from more than just a single location, which is why the tripod doesn't always work.

A video camera stabilizer is a device that either steadies the camera against the videographer's body or that protrudes in front of the photographer's body via an arm. Beneath the camera is a handle that allows the artist to move the camera to catch the action. Though a stabilizer sounds and looks like nothing more than a complex camera case, it is actually equipped with springs and shock absorbers that senses and absorbs disruptive movements. These types of stabilizers are some of the most important tools in the cinematography industry.

Shoulder Brace Stabilizer

It is not uncommon for filmmakers to utilize camera shoulder braces to steady their equipment. The shoulder brace steadies the image by shifting the weight of the camera to the videographer's shoulders instead of his or her hands. Shoulders are much stronger and steadier than hands, and the brace allows for smoother shots than what might be attainable via handheld operation.

You can also use editing software to stabilize footage after the fact. If you don't have the resources to invest in a bunch of equipment, browse our curated collection of videos to find the right one for your project. Our stock footage library with millions of high-quality clips covers just about every imaginable topic.

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