What Is Vector and .png?

Vector images are artistic creations that can be easily resized or modified without losing clarity. Vector file extensions include .eps, .ai, and .swg. On the other hand, .png extensions belong to a different category called raster images. These files use thousands of pixels to provide colorful, photo-realistic pictures. Vector and PNG images frequently have a transparent background.

What Are the Advantages of Vector Files and PNG Files?
  • Vector: Because vector files rely on mathematical calculations and lines to create images, these can be made smaller or larger without loss of detail. This makes them valuable for applications such as multichannel marketing projects where you need to use the same logo or design on many different products of varying sizes.
  • PNG: Raster files such as PNG offer increased clarity, a larger range of colors and photorealistic qualities at their specific resolution. If images are scaled upwards, however, a PNG will look grainy or distorted. PNGs are lossless, making them larger than JPEGs but visually more impressive and detailed.
A common solution to obtain the best of both worlds (vector and png) is to store the original image in vector format, and then save the changes by converting the image to a new PNG file. This way, logos and other graphics look beautiful against any background, on any product, no matter how small or large it is.

Can You Save Shutterstock Vector Images in PNG Formats?

Shutterstock uses the EPS, or Encapsulated PostScript, file type for vector images. EPS files are compatible with image editing programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Once you have found an image that is perfect for your project, download it and open it inside Photoshop or another compatible photo editor. Selecting “Save As” will allow you to save the file with a .png, .swg, or .jpeg extension.

Whether you need an attractive vector logo or a colorful image clip with transparency in PNG format, finding the right selection is easy with Shutterstock’s immense graphical library.

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