How To Edit Vector Files: Software and Online Tools

Vector images are a practical and powerful communication tool used by talented graphic designers, marketing managers and budding creative geniuses alike. Working with vectors requires compatible vector editing software or an online website specifically designed for this purpose.

Popular Vector Editing Software

Shutterstock’s ample variety of vectors feature the EPS, or Encapsulated PostScript, format, which is widely used in programs such as Adobe Illustrator. In order to open and edit Shutterstock vectors, programs must be compatible with EPS. Here are several options that fit:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC: This vector editor is widely considered the industry standard, with an enormous selection of tools to import, export and edit vector files in EPS, AI, SVG and other formats. You can also create vectors from scratch. This program is available via a monthly subscription.

  • CorelDraw: Another respected industry powerhouse, CorelDraw can edit vectors in any format using a suite of tools. This paid professional software requires a one-time purchase.

  • Inkscape: One of the most comprehensive free vector editing software options available, Inkscape runs on your desktop and has many tools and features, including layers. This program is compatible with EPS files.

  • Gravit: This program is available as a browser-based application or a software download. It offers numerous features in both free and paid versions. Currently, EPS formats are compatible with both options.

How To Edit Vector Files in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Open the EPS file from Shutterstock. All Shutterstock vectors are freely editable in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Use any of Illustrator’s tools to modify the image. Some of the possibilities include:
  • Adding other shapes and lines
  • Modifying colors of current shapes
  • Altering paths to change designs
  • Introducing new vector images

You will likely need to select the Layer window in Illustrator and unlock any locked layers to edit the image. If you come across grouped objects that you want to modify further, press Ctrl and right click on the object to ungroup it.

Find Exceptional Vector Images

Discover the image library at Shutterstock to access vector images for any project. They can enhance everything from business presentations to graphic art.


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