What are InDesign default settings?

When you first begin working with InDesign, using InDesign default settings is a skill you will need to master. Default settings determine the basic characteristics and preferences for your document. You may wish to leave the default settings as they are when you open a new file. However, you may need to make changes to the default settings based on your particular needs.

InDesign has default settings for a range of characteristics. These include things such as the units of measurement, page size, margins, number of columns, and the number of pages.

Here is a brief list of the default settings for various aspects of a new InDesign document:

Number of pages: 1
Start page #: 1
Page size: Letter
Orientation: Portrait
Columns Number: 1
Gutter: 0.1667 in.

This is just a short list of basic default settings you will encounter when you open a new document. However, each individual setting on InDesign will have its own default.

If you discover a default setting that does not work for your needs, you can modify it. This is called setting preferences. For example, you may wish to change the default page size but you have already passed by the initial default settings screen when you created a new document. You can change the page size in InDesign to create a custom page that suits your project.

The same principle applies to the other default settings. Although your default column setting will be set to one column, you can add additional columns by creating a preference. The default for the gutter, which is the amount of space between each of your columns, can also be modified.

Default settings allow you get up and running with a new document without having to individually select preferences for every element in your file. However, if you need to make changes, InDesign allows you to set preferences to override the default settings. For additional support or answers to other questions, visit the Shutterstock support site.

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