What Are Unpixelated Images?

Low-quality images can sometimes become pixelated, making individual colored squares from the bitmap appear distorted. Some programs cause pixelation on purpose for artistic effect, but many times this characteristic is undesirable. There are several ways to unpixelate an image online if this has happened.

What Causes Images To Pixelate?

Pixilation occurs when attempting to amplify small, low-resolution photographs more than file data allows.  As the tiny pixels that make up images grow in size, they become more noticeable, giving the pictures a block-like appearance.

A high-definition LED TV screen, for example, has approximately 1920 x 1080 pixels. To avoid pixelation on this screen, a photograph would need at least the same number of pixels, or 1920 x 1080.

Online Tools To Unpixelate Photos


This easy-to-use online photo editor has lots of effects locked behind a paid upgrade, but the basic tools you need are free. To unpixelate your image, select Basic > Basic from the sidebar and move the Sharpness slider to the left until you’re satisfied with the results.


While the interface is a little complex, Pixenate offers many one-click solutions to common photo issues, including pixelation. After loading your photo, click on the Smooth Photo button several times to get rid of jagged edges.


A comprehensive free online photo editing website, Photopea’s user interface and large toolkit are very familiar to artists who have used Adobe Photoshop. Here are two effects that can help:
  • Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur
  • Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp mask
You can also select the Blur Tool from the left toolbar if you want to target specific pixelated areas by hand.

The Best Way To Avoid Pixelated Images

If an image from your Shutterstock Collections appears pixelated when you attempt to make it larger, there’s a simpler solution than using corrective tools. Because of Shutterstock’s no-worry licenses, you can always re-download the original image, or download a new copy in a larger format to better fit your needs.

To get started creating a collection, visit Shutterstock.com to discover the image library. Dragging images into your collection is easy.


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