How To Use a Stamp Effect in Photoshop

Stamp effects in Photoshop are a great way to add some punk to photos, logos and ads. There are several ways to create stamps and give them your personal flair.

Getting Started

The first step is to download an appropriate JPEG or PNG image from the Shutterstock image library or create your own logo in Photoshop from scratch. Once your text and design elements look right, add a rounded hollow rectangle or square around them to finalize your stamp. Merge layers by selecting all the components of your stamp-in-making and choosing Layer > Smart Object > Create Smart Object.

Making the Stamp Effect in Photoshop: Using a Layer Mask

Once your image is open in Photoshop, follow these steps:

1. Add a Layer Mask

In Photoshop, select the layer you’re working with, and then click on the layer mask button at the bottom of the respective panel. You can also select Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All.

2. Apply a Texture to the Layer Mask

Alt + click the layer mask to open it in an editing window. Add a texture from one of Photoshop’s effects, such as Filter > Render > Fibers or Filter > Render > Clouds, or copy any texture image on your computer to the clipboard and paste it into this window.

3. Exit Mask Mode

The dark areas of the layer mask will hide parts of the image, creating a worn, stamp-like appearance. To create more pronounced effects, adjust the mask’s contrast using the slider in Edit > Adjustments > Levels.

4. Add Additional Flair

Give the image your personal touches by using Photoshop’s brush textures. Large-dimension noise brushes are especially effective for adding a vintage feel.

5. Design Imperfect Edges

Create a realistic edge effect for the stamp by opening the Filter > Distort tab and selecting either the Ripple command or one of the Blur options.

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