What Are the Video Specs Available in Smartphones?

While a smartphone cannot replace a professional, quality camera, it is nice to be able to snap a decent photo at a moment's notice. Whether you plan on capturing videos of your friends, pets or the landscapes you see on your travels, you need a device that can produce stunning, Insta-worthy footage. For this reason, it's important that you scan the smartphone video camera specs before making a purchase.

Look to Pixel Size

Pixel size refers to the horizontal and vertical measurements of an image expressed in pixels, which are units of programmable color on a computer display and are the smallest units of information a picture can contain. Pixel count is often referred to as resolution. Because your phone's sensors are so small, you want the pixels to let in as much light as possible so it can capture as much information as possible. For this reason, the bigger the pixels a smartphone offers, the better. You can find a phone's pixel size by looking for a value followed by µm.

Consider Aperture

A camera's aperture, which is represented as f divided by a number (f/3.0, for example), is essentially its "pupil." It is the hole that allows the most light into the body of your camera. However, the aperture, like the pupil, directs the light to where it needs to go, which is the pixels. For this reason, the smaller aperture a camera has, the better.

Select the Preferred Stabilization

Most smartphone spec sheets will list stabilization as either EIS or OIS. EIS works by stretching, cropping and changing perspective in the individual frames that make up a video, which is generally a process that occurs post-processing with OIS. OIS, on the other hand, makes it so your camera sensor physically moves to compensate for your body's movements. OIS is generally the preferred sensor.

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