Slo-Mo Video Cameras

Using a slo-mo video camera — short for slow motion — adds epic moments to movies, makes characters look more heroic and provides incredible visual effects. Slow motion works by recording video at a high number of frames per second, or fps, and playing it back at the normal frame count. Hollywood films use 24 frames per second. So if you have a slow motion camera that records video at 240 fps, it will look 10 times slower on screen.

What To Look For in Slo-Mo Cameras:

  • Frames per second: The higher the fps, the slower video will appear on playback. A minimum of 240 fps is good for slo-mo, while 1,000 fps or more stretches each second into over 30!  

  • Resolution: Make sure the camera can keep up with the resolution of the rest of your video. If you’re shooting everything else in HD or 4K, it can look off to switch to slow motion scenes in 720 pixels.

  • Price: Many high-tech smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9+, can shoot super slo-mo video in 1080p at 240 fps. The GoPro Hero7 Black can even take slow motion underwater. That puts cool scenes within range for a relatively reasonable cost. To reach 4K video at 1,000 fps, you’ll likely need to spend thousands of dollars.

Essentials for Shooting Film With Slow Motion Video Cameras

  • Storage Space: Slo-mo can easily turn one second into hundreds or megabytes or several gigabytes.

  • Gimbal or tripod: Shaking is the bane of slow motion filming. Keep everything steady by always using a tripod or stabilizing gimbal.

  • Lighting: To compensate for the increased shutter speed of slo-mo, you need plenty of lighting on set.

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