Pros and Cons of Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras don’t need any prisms or a mirror to operate, unlike digital SLR, which requires both. Instead, light streams directly to the camera’s sensor. What are the pros and cons of a mirrorless camera compared to DSLR and HDSLR?

Advantages of Mirrorless

  • Weight: No mirror or prism means significantly less weight, which can make shooting video much more enjoyable for vloggers and YouTube stars.

  • Size: This radical camera design allows for a smaller body with a larger sensor-to-size ratio. The end result is a compact but powerful device that slips easily into your shirt pocket for easy travel videos. In contrast, many HDSLR cameras require a carrying case.

  • Video Resolution: HD video at 1920 x 1080 pixels is virtually standard for mirrorless camera models, usually at a smooth 60 frames per second. A number of mirrorless video cameras even capture Ultra HD 4K video. In order to obtain the same quality with DSLR, it’s necessary to look for more expensive hybrid models.

  • Quiet Operation: With an electronic rather than mechanical shutter, mirrorless video devices function in total silence. This is a huge advantage for wildlife videos.

Areas Where HDSLR Cameras Outshine Mirrorless

  • Focus speed: Mirrorless cameras do have exceptional autofocus skills for facial recognition and selfies. However, when it comes to focusing on rapidly moving objects and scenes set in low lighting conditions, HDSLR outperforms.

  • Lens options: The small body size of mirrorless cameras cuts down on total resolution compared to a full-size DSLR camera, though the overall ratio is better. In addition, HDSLRs can equip and swap multiple telephoto and wide-angle lenses at will, while mirrorless models are limited to brand-specific lenses.

There are a few cons to mirrorless cameras compared to HDSLR, though as technology advances the differences become increasingly minimal.

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