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Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Time is money, and wasting time can cost you, especially if you are using a program like Premiere Pro. You need to figure out a way to make the most out of your time on a painstakingly intricate video project. One way you can save more time on editing projects and give yourself fewer frustration headaches is to learn the Premiere Pro shortcuts. Premiere Pro has plenty of hidden shortcuts that most users don't know about. Here are the most helpful shortcuts that could give you back some of that precious time.

Functionality Shortcuts 

Premiere Pro already comes with a large number of keyboard shortcuts that cover plenty of functions throughout the program. Most video editors want to know the essential shortcuts to help them with opening new projects and creating new clips. Generally, you'll use the command key for shortcuts if you use an Apple computer and the control key if you run windows on your computer. First, you can open a new project by using either the command or control key and the letter O. You can easily import a clip with command or control and the letter I. Saving is simple by pressing command or control, shift and the letter S.

Clip Editing Shortcuts 

Video editors also love using Premiere Pro shortcuts when working with individual video clips. Once you have a clip open, you can use single keystrokes to switch between tasks to tweak your clip. You can zoom in or out by pressing the letter Z. Select the clip by pressing the V button. Use the razor editing tool with the C button. The B key allows you to use the ripple edit tool, and the U button gives you access to the slide edit tool. 

Playback Shortcuts 

The last collection of useful shortcuts for Premiere Pro are the keyboard buttons that assist editors when playing the footage back. Get into the habit of pressing the spacebar when you want to play your footage and pressing the letter K to stop the playback. If you want to shuttle left through your footage, press the letter J to progress, or press the letter L to shuttle right. Pressing the = button allows the editor to zoom in and the . button can give you the power to zoom out through your footage. Once you’re ready to render your project, simply press the Enter button to get started. 

Stop wasting time during your editing process by using the toolbar and menu at the top of your screen. Learn the keyboard shortcuts the professionals use and give your editing more power. Shutterstock can provide you with all of the best tips to make your video piece soar.
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