What Is the .png File Extension?

The .png file extension refers to images that use the Portable Network Graphics format. PNG photographs belong to the same category as JPEG files: they are bitmap images. This type of picture uses thousands or millions of tiny squares to create a mosaic that gives it rich, detailed colors. Here’s what the PNG file definition means for your next project.

Advantages of PNG Files

PNG images are a natural choice for website creation and many other online projects. Why?
  • Attractive color profile: The PNG file format saves images using 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA palettes, which allow for amazingly vibrant colors and excellent contrast.
  • Transparency: PNG files support transparency, allowing you to create images with sharp edges and a see-through background. This is especially helpful when putting together a website.
  • Lossless format: One of the biggest advantages of PNG images is their lossless file structure. Unlike JPEG images, which discard information every time you make changes, PNG files conserve photo data completely and let you resize the image from large to small and back again without any degradation.
What Type of Projects Are PNG Files Used for?

The transparency and lossless image data of PNG files make them excellent choices for photographs and digital objects that will be reused frequently. Here are a few examples:
  • Logos: The crisp edges and transparency features of this image format make it perfect for business logos. Once finished, logos can be resized and moved around on a website or graphics program workspace easily.
  • Website elements: Websites often take advantage of PNG files to set up things such as title bars, logos, buttons and other non-animated features. Transparency lets them all stack easily, and designers can modify colors, size and positioning of individual elements later without having to redo everything.
Find Awesome PNG Files Ready To Use

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