What Are Open Source Vector Graphics?

The term open source refers to software that is free to use and allows for complete modification. In other words, users with tech skills can access the program’s code, change it or use it to create new software. Open source vector graphics editors can be a great solution for designers who want to use Shutterstock vector files for an upcoming web project.

Open Source Vector Editors

What free programs and online applications can open and edit vector files?
  • Inkscape: One of the few truly open source vector graphics programs, Inkscape is also well equipped to tackle most design needs. Professional graphics artists and art enthusiasts may be blown away by how many options are available with this software. Inkscape is available for all platforms and is compatible with EPS files.

  • Gravit: Gravit is free to download and use, but it’s not technically open source. Still, users have access to all of its attractive and intuitive features. Several new apps in the family, such as Gravit Klex, provide access to free cloud-based art elements designed by other users.

  • BoxySVG: The essence of easy-to-understand, BoxySVG has far less add-ons than other free vector editors, but greater simplicity. If you only need to use vectors from time-to-time, this may become your favorite option.

Professional Photography With Versatile Editing Options

Shutterstock vector images feature licenses that benefit creative artists and industry professionals alike. They are deeply editable to provide the perfect solutions to your project.
  • Color: Customize logos and other graphics with the perfect colors to leave your mark on products.
  • Design: Whether you need to add elements or change shapes to bring your vision to life, you’re free to do so.
  • Layout: Designing incredible infographics is easier when you can swap elements around freely.
  • Templates: Save time when designing webpages by using a Shutterstock vector-based template.
​​​​​​​Once you select a vector editor that fits your needs, check out Shutterstock’s extensive vector library. Professional art works wonders for marketing projects and creative designs alike.

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