Main advantages of mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras differ from standard DSLR in that they do not have the mirror and optical viewfinder that DSLRs are known for. There are copious advantages of mirrorless cameras like size, autofocus ability, video capabilities, and a burgeoning marketplace.

Mirrorless cameras are generally smaller and lighter than comparable quality DSLRs. Since mirrorless cameras lack the necessary mirror, the lens can be mounted much closer to the light sensor, which decreases the amount of space needed in the camera body.

Though autofocus used to be a weakness among mirrorless cameras, much has changed on that front. Hybrid autofocus systems on mirrorless cameras have closed the gap between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, so they can maintain effective autofocus in most scenarios, outside of demanding applications like sports and wildlife photography.

Mirrorless cameras are unparalleled for video shooting. Since there is no mirror, video autofocus with mirrorless cameras is more crisp than ever, and the quality of what you shoot is what you get.

The mirrorless marketplace is still fairly new. In many ways, they are novel, which means that the lens designs are still optimized for the latest and greatest high-resolution models. This means that availability of new, high-quality lenses is at an all-time high, so you can find more interesting and affordable lenses more easily accessible than for a DSLR.

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