Lightroom 6 vs CC

In this guide, we've shared the differences between Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Creative Cloud (or "CC"), so you can make an educated decision about which software is best for your needs. Ultimately, there's no right answer to the Lightroom 6 vs CC debate, but there are key differences between the two applications.

What is Lightroom 6?
Launched in 2007, Lightroom was built as a complement to Photoshop, with photo management tools that set it apart. Today, Lightroom allows you to organize photo collections with dozens of tags, including location, shutter speed, keywords, and even facial recognition. There's also a range of photo editing tools built into the program, so you can make last-minute adjustments to images without relying on Photoshop. Lightroom 6 is the software's latest major release, and it can be purchased as a standalone program, without recurring subscription fees. 

What is Lightroom CC?
In recent years, Adobe has developed a subscription-based ecosystem called Creative Cloud for their latest software updates, including Lightroom. By paying a monthly subscription, it ensures that your Adobe programs are kept up-to-date, and when Lightroom 7 is released, the software will be upgraded without additional costs. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy cloud-based functionality with other devices, like your smartphone or tablet. If you want to make adjustments to a Lightroom collection while on the go, just launch the mobile version, and any tweaks will carry over to your other devices. This way, you have access to huge photo collections, without taking up additional hard drive space.   

Finally, Lightroom CC makes it easy to share photo collections through the cloud. For example, you can create an instant photo gallery that looks just like a website, and then share the link with whoever you want. No downloading or uploading necessary. 

The Cost of Lightroom 6 vs CC
Depending on your budget and photography needs, it might make more sense to purchase Lightroom 6 as a standalone program. You'll find the disc version on Amazon and other online stores for around $150, or you can buy it as a standalone download through the Adobe website. 

On the other hand, if you need a more robust editing platform and the latest software updates, you can subscribe to Lightroom and Photoshop for $9.99 a month. This also includes the Creative Cloud software that syncs your mobile devices, allowing you to share photo collections and make edits on the go. 

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