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How to Wrap Text Around an Image in InDesign

How to Wrap Text Around an Image in InDesign

InDesign’s powerful page layout tools let you craft a great looking layout for your project using all the assets you’ve built in Photoshop and Illustrator, plus any existing images you import from stock photo sites like Shutterstock. Gaining the control over your text and images that allows you to really deliver a sharp looking layout is a matter of mastering the program’s core functions, like wrapping text around an image. Learning how to wrap a text around an image in InDesign involves importing images, so if you have not learned how to do that yet, make sure you familiarize yourself with the process.

Wrapping Text Around an Imported Image

Once the image is in place on the page, follow these directions to make the text wrap around it:
  • Select Window > Text wrap to display the text wrap box.
  • Use the Selection Tool or Direction Selection Tool to select the object you just placed.
  • Select the wrap shape you want. If you choose to wrap around a bounding box, the text will frame the box around the object. You can also choose to wrap to the object if you like.
  • From the Wrap To menu, select whether you want the wrap to be on one or both sides.
  • Specify the wrap distance. Positive values will put your text outside the frame. Negative values place it that distance inside the frame.

This process can be fine-tuned to wrap text closer to an image or further from it, to define space, or to otherwise customize the way your text and images interact.

Mastering InDesign Quickly

There are a few core functions you can learn to greatly speed up your mastery of InDesign. Wrapping text is a good start but learning to quickly shift spacing and correct text flow errors will also help, as will mastering the visual transformation tools that let you put a finishing touch on your assets as you move them into position within your document.

When you need great visual assets to add, Shutterstock has you covered. You can find millions of vector graphics and illustrations and hundreds of millions of stock photos for your presentations with ease. The catalog’s diversity guarantees you will find representative images, too. Find your assets, alter them into a unique presentation that fits your project, and then place them in your final document to create the deliverables that define your creative style. When you have access to a great library of images, making great designs is easy.
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