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How To Use the Watercolor Brush in Photoshop

How To Use the Watercolor Brush in Photoshop

Graphic designers, business owners, freelancers, and artists can all find numerous useful tools in Photoshop. Along with editing existing images, you can also use the software to create your own graphics from scratch. Here's a quick overview of Photoshop's brush tool, which you can use to create beautiful watercolor-style images.

Find Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

There are a couple options for using watercolor brushes in Photoshop: choosing the preset brush options in the software or downloading brushes created by other people. Using the brushes already in the software is usually the fastest option, but you may get more variety by downloading additional brushes. If you want to use brushes that other people have made, you can find numerous options on the internet. Once you download the files, you'll have to load them into the software.

To load brushes, find the brush icon in the left-hand toolbar, and click it. You'll see a menu across the top of the screen with the brush preset parameters. Click the down arrow on the selected brush, select the cog icon, and pick Load Brushes from the drop-down menu. 

Use the Watercolor Brush

Once you have chosen the brush you want to use, you can change the size in the brush menu at the top. In the menu on the right, you can select the color you want to paint with. Remember that with a watercolor brush, there is usually a low level of opacity, so the color you choose will look much lighter on the page - just like with real watercolors.

Before you start clicking on the page to "paint," it's a good idea to create a new layer. Using layers for each brush gives you more control over the final result, as you can move the layers around and even overlap them for a unique look. Once you've made sure you like the brush size, shape, and color, you can click anywhere on your page to add that watercolor effect.

Finalize Your Design

After you have added the brushstroke, you can modify it. Like most elements in Photoshop, brushstrokes can be modified using the box around them; you can make the box bigger or smaller in one or both directions and rotate it as well. With each of your brushstrokes on individual layers, you can modify them separately to create the final appearance you want.

If you love the look of a pastel, textured background, you can create one using the watercolor brush tool in Photoshop. No matter what sort of project you have, Shutterstock can help you get the best results with helpful Photoshop tips and access to our library of royalty-free images. 
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