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How to Use the Magic Wand Tool in Illustrator

Illustrator is full of useful tools that give your project a quick transformation without a lot of work on your end. The most common time-saving tool in Illustrator is the magic wand. This feature in Illustrator gives you the power to make quick adjustments to your project as well as help you keep your coloring consistent. Here, you can learn more about the magic wand tool Illustrator features to help you design something professional looking and memorable.
Magic Wand Tool Basics
The magic wand tool Illustrator has is in the main toolbar under the selection tool. This tool is helpful when you need to select items, sections or portions of your canvas or project that have a set series of characteristics. You can use it to find other parts of the canvas that have similar fill colors, stroke colors, stroke weights and opacities. When you’re ready to use it, select a portion of your project that you want to focus on and click on the icon that looks like a “Magic Wand.” Then, the tool will select other parts of your canvas that are visually similar. You can go through the screen and deselect any parts of the project you don’t want to make adjustments to.
Go Beyond the Basics
Sometimes, you may need to make some adjustments to how the magic wand tool works. Open the magic wand toolbar to customize how the tool selects visually similar sections of the project. You can focus on only finding parts that are similar in color, stroke weight, opacity and more. If you click on one of these options, you can further customize the tolerance so the magic wand tool will select sections that are either more or less similar to your original selection.
Editing With the Magic Wand Tool
The magic wand tool makes it possible to quickly edit photographs and illustrations without having to find each object manually. If you need to adjust an entire section of a project, especially a large area, the magic wand tool can be useful. Simply click on one part of the area, and use the magic wand tool to effortlessly select the rest of the object. Then, you can make adjustments to the entire area without having to worry about leaving any piece of it out.
The magic wand tool is one of the most helpful features Illustrator offers. If you haven’t started using it, you’ve been missing out on a quick way to edit your projects. Shutterstock can help you find out even more ways to save time on your Illustrator projects.
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