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How to Use Text Animation in After Effects

How to Use Text Animation in After Effects

After Effects provides users with a wide range of easy-to-apply editing and post-production effects to make their projects pop. Using text animation to enhance video presentations is simple with this powerful editing platform. You can browse through animation presets in the Animations panel the same way you do with other effects, choosing exactly the right animation for your current needs.

Animations have a broad variety of functions, and text animations are no different. You can use them to move text around the screen, rotate it, cycle it offscreen while replacing it with new text, or even replace it with new text in the same spot. This lets you create effects that complement the text you’re putting on the screen, adding dimension to whatever you are presenting in your video.

Adding Text Animation Effects

There are four steps to setting up an animation effect once you have chosen one:
  • Select the text layer in the Timeline panel or the individual characters in the composition panel
  • Select the text animation you want to apply from the Animation > Animate Text menu
  • Adjust its properties in the Timeline panel. You can control its exact timing and pacing here.
  • Use the range finder to set a start and stop for the animation. This will set its pace and determine how long the text remains onscreen for viewers.

That’s all it takes to add a basic text animation in After Effects.

Mastering Video Editing With Adobe

If you want to get the most out of your video compositions, you’ll need to learn all the core operations in Adobe’s After Effects software. Once you do, you’ll be able to explore new options for individual effects to add, and your post-production repertoire will be able to expand without limit. You can find great visual assets to add to your projects when you need them by searching through the hundreds of millions of stock photos and millions of vector graphics found on Shutterstock. Start browsing today to find all the assets you need for your next project or check out the other great tutorials to learn how to master all the extra effects available in Adobe After Effects.

Building a creative career is all about having the right resources. From the right software to get the job done to the right visual assets to be able to provide your team with the creative reach to bring their visions to life. Shutterstock is here to help, with an ever-expanding catalog of assets.
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