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How to Use Green Screen in Final Cut Pro

How to Use Green Screen in Final Cut Pro

A green screen is a perfect way to take your video editing talents to the next level. A chroma key is an editing tool that enables you to produce videos that can match any Hollywood production. It gives you the ability to place people or objects in any setting imaginable. Keep reading to learn how to use green screen in Final Cut Pro.
Record a High-Quality Video

It's always good to start out with quality footage. If you're recording someone using a green screen background it's best to use paint. Now, this isn't always feasible, so the next best thing is green fabric. Make sure it's smooth, wrinkle-free and fully lit. A good rule of thumb is to have your subject positioned approximately 10 feet from the background. This way you can avoid those annoying shadows. Additionally, it can save you a lot of time with editing and post-production.

Chroma Key Your Footage

You have your green screen footage. Import the file and place it in your timeline. Select the video and navigate over to your Effects browser. Go down to where you see Keying. You'll see the clip that says Keyer. Click it, drag it and drop it onto your green screen video. Hold it until you see the green addition symbol and then let go.    

Work the Background Image

Now, you need your background image. Got it imported? Good. Now, click and drag it below your green screen clip. You may run into an issue where the image doesn't fill the frame. You can make the proper adjustments using the Transform tool. This feature allows you to drag the edges of the image until it fills out the screen.

Adjust the Green Screen

Your green footage and background are now combined. Now, let's add a magic touch to your project. If you like, you can play around with the clip position a little bit. In the video preview window just click and drag the subject to anywhere on the screen, such as to the left, right or center. This gives you more control over the look of the video.

You wanted to know how to use green screen in Final Cut Pro, and that's all there is. Adding a green screen effect to your project is not complicated. Once you're at ease with using the chroma key tool, you'll be amazed by how many Hollywood-level special effects you can create. Play around with it and have fun because the sky's the limit. 
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