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How To Use Final Cut Pro on Mac

How To Use Final Cut Pro on Mac

Final Cut Pro is a video editing software designed specifically for use on devices running the Apple operating system. It allows to create, edit and produce your own videos. It is a popular option for anyone who wants to create professional level videos. Using this software for the first time can be intimidating since there is a learning curve. So, this is your guide to how to use Final Cut Pro on Mac.

The Interface

The first step to how to use Final Cut Pro on Mac is to get to know the interface. Once you open the program, you will see a screen with a few different sections. In in the upper right section, you will find the viewer. This is where you watch playback of your project. 

Beside the viewer on the left is the browser. This section shows clips so you can select them to add to your project. Clips are the individual shots within your video. At the far left is the Sidebar with your libraries and content.

Running at the bottom is the magnetic timeline. This is where you edit. It automatically adjusts to fill in blank space as you drag and drop clips into it. It also shows a clip by clip image of your project and the audio.

Creating a Video

Now you can move into how to actually use the software to create a video. You will need to import media to a file in Final Cut Pro from your device. The program will put your media into an event, which is a folder. To begin creating your video, follow these steps:

Step One: Choose the clips you want to go into your project.
Step Two: Assemble, rearrange and trim clips to fit them together.
Step Three: Use the various settings and built-in editing tools to add sound effects, make changes to the images or edit various aspects of each clip and the project as a whole. Be aware that any edits made in the project will not affect the original clip.

After you do your final edit, you can share your movie online or send it to an Apple device. You can also export into different file formats, so you can more widely share it and view it.

Creating your own video can be a lot of fun, but this software can take a while to learn to use. If you need any additional assistance with using the Final Cut Pro program, please let Shutterstock help. 
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