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How To Use FCP or Final Cut Pro?

How To Use FCP or Final Cut Pro?

You need to edit up your footage and are looking at all your options. Which piece of software should you use? Final Cut Pro is one of the most common and most powerful video editing programs out there. Of course, you need to know how to use Final Cut Pro before you get started. The application is designed to be accessible, but to really get the most out of FCP you need to dig a little deeper. Learn everything you need to know to masterfully edit your video files with Shutterstock.

Getting Started

As you probably suspect, the first step to editing your footage is getting the video files into Final Cut Pro. If your camera or deck is plugged into your computer via a USB or FireWire port, Final Cut Pro should automatically detect the footage when you open the program. If it does not, you can use the shortcut "Command + 8" to open the capture logging menu. Additionally, the first time you open Final Cut Pro or potentially a new project, it will likely require a few settings to be established. Specifically, you need to set which drive the program will use as a scratch disk and where it will export files to.

Basic Functions

Once you have Final Cut Pro set up and your video files imported, you can begin with the video editing process. FCP has extensive functionality in this area. The more you understand about video editing techniques and disciplines, the more you will be able to do. If you are new to video editing, the first thing you should do is review your footage, think about which clips you want to include in your finished project, remove the unnecessary ones, and reorder all the clips that remain. After this step, go through each clip and use the blade tool to trim the beginning and end to the appropriate length. The shortcut for the blade tool is "B." After you have your clips in order, you may want to apply some more advanced alterations to your clips, although this is completely unnecessary for personal video projects. Consider looking into audio management, color correction, and titles. 


Once you have your project how you want it, it is time to export it into a compact, sharable file. Press "Command + O" to open the export menu and select the default export settings, which should be called "Current Settings." 

Now you should know the basics of how to use Final Cut Pro. Shutterstock can help you learn some of the more advanced aspects of editing video as well.

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