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How to Use Animation in Adobe Illustrator

The animation tool is a powerful feature in Adobe Illustrator that makes animating work for the web easy for users. It’s a complex process, but with a little practice, you can learn to quickly change individual symbols into animated presentations. Follow this guide to learn how to use animation in Adobe Illustrator.
  1. Create a document and then create the text you want to animate first. If you want to use other symbols instead of text, import those into the document.
  2. Right click on the text and select Convert to Outlines.
  3. Select the text to copy with control or command and the C button. Also, lock the first layer.
  4. Paste it with control/command and F. Then repeat the process for each object you are animating.
  5. Adjust the text in the new layer to move it the desired amount for a single frame of movement.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as many times as needed to reposition all the movable objects.
  7. Lock the layer. Repeat steps 3-5 again in a new layer, this time moving the objects to the second location you need.Repeat the relevant parts of this process until you have created all the animation frames you need.
Saving and Exporting Your Animation
Your animation won’t look like much more than a complex multi-layered drawing in Illustrator. To get it to work as an animation file, you need to export it into a SWF. That’s easily accomplished by selecting Export and choosing the file type from the menu. You will have to choose to export AI layers as frames, and then you will also have to choose the number of frames per second to animate at. This allows you to create more or less complex animations as needed.
Using Changing Symbols
Following these basic steps but importing individual graphics showing your symbols changing as they move allows you to create more complex animations, with characters that have articulated movement. Mastering the art of drawing original creations and then spacing them for animation takes time, but it allows you to build custom animations for web sites and other digital presentations from scratch, giving you complete creative control. That’s how to use animation in Adobe Illustrator to its best effect.
Finding Great Assets
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