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How to Use Adobe Illustrator for Vector Art

Vector art is one of the most versatile and efficient forms of digital graphic design in use today. It is powerful because the information is stored in a way that is incredibly difficult to corrupt and incredibly size-efficient when compared to other formats, and the Illustrator program is built to make vector art easy to set up and edit. The best part is, when you need to integrate vector art into other projects, Illustrator exports easily to Photoshop and other image editing formats.
Starting a New Project
The first step in learning how to use Adobe Illustrator vector graphics tools is to begin a project. Just tap on or click on the + sign when you are on the project view screen that shows previews of all your projects. From there, you will be given the document selection dialog. Then, choose an image layer from among your stock images, or check out the selection on Shutterstock and find the right stock image to start from.
After that, reduce the opacity of the image to the desired setting, and then move the image layer below the Draw layer. You can easily draw in new designs over the original to add the graphics you need, or you can use the Draw layer to trace the original, creating a unique graphic out of a stock asset.

Using Brushes
Like many other digital editing programs, Illustrator uses brushes that can be customized. You can load an existing brush preset to get started, and for touchscreen versions of Illustrator it is a long touch to see options for brushes and a double-tap to see the settings for a particular brush. This lets you work freehand with ease.
Working in Color
Learning how to use Adobe Illustrator vector graphics tools means mastering each step, and one of the most important steps is integrating color into your creations. Choose from among the existing colors or use the color picker to work with any shade and save it to your library with a tap on the + icon. Next, simply select it as the base color for a brush if you are doing line work or use it to fill an area.
Illustrator Exports
You can use Illustrator for practically any drawing or visual composition purpose that involves creating original graphics from scratch but exporting that as a finished project means choosing a file type that others will recognize. If you’re putting your work out on the web as a stand-along creation, that usually means a JPG or GIF, but you can also use your creations as PNG files in web documents very easily. The options are yours to explore.
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