How to Type on a Path in InDesign

In this handy guide, we've shared how to type on a path, InDesign style. 

What is a Path?
Any continuous line or shape drawn with the Pen tool is called a path. These can consist of multiple line segments, which are straight or curved. Each segment is divided with anchor points, which look like tiny white squares. If you drag on these points, you can change the path's position or shape. Paths may be open (i.e. a curved line) or closed (a square). Open paths have black endpoints on both sides. 

Typing on a Path
1. InDesign makes it easy to place text along a path, no matter if it's open or closed. First, open your current project and choose the Type On a Path tool (it looks like a crooked T with a line underneath it). To find this tool, hold your mouse button over the Type tool and a submenu will appear.  

2. Next, hover your cursor over the desired path, until a plus sign appears next to the Type On a Path InDesign icon. If you click once, an insertion point will appear at the beginning of the path, depending on your paragraph settings. 

3. However, if you'd like the text to stay with specific boundaries, you can click and drag the cursor to set the start and endpoint. Then, release the mouse button. 

4. Now you're ready to start typing. When you're happy with the text, you can decide whether or not to hide the associated path. To do this, choose the Quick Selection tool, select the path, and then change the Fill and Stroke to "None".  

Tweaking the Type Position
At any point in the creative process, you can reposition type along a path, so that it achieves your design goals. First, choose the Selection tool and click on the type. Then, move the cursor over the type's start or endpoint (known as a bracket). A tiny arrow-shaped icon should appear next to your cursor, letting you know that it's possible to adjust the bracket.

Now, drag your mouse to reposition the start or endpoint, changing the text boundaries. Any text on the path will move to fit these new boundaries. 

Deleting Type on a Path
Choose the Selection or Quick Selection tool, and then click on the objects associated with your text. 

Select "Type" > "Type on a Path" > "Delete Type From Path". Your path will stay the same, but the text will be deleted.

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