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How To Type on a Path in Illustrator

The great thing about graphic design programs is that they allow users to think outside of the box for images, text and effects. Illustrator is one of the top programs that designers prefer because of the unique capabilities it has. One of the most impactful design features in Illustrator is the ability to type on a path. With typing on a path, Illustrator has given artists a way to present text in a totally original way. Here is a guide to help you learn about this feature in Illustrator.
Create a Line
Before you begin typing on a path, Illustrator requires artists to create a line first. On the main Illustrator toolbar, draw a line by using the “Pen” tool. Click on the tool and create a line across your canvas. If you want to manipulate your line and make it into a diagonal or an arc, you must make some adjustments. Select the “Convert Anchor Point” tool and move the anchor points of the line around to shape the line into a curved path. You can also turn it and adjust the line to make an angle for a specific look in your graphic piece.
Use the Text Tool
Now, you’re reading to start adding text to your piece. Click on the “Type” tool on the main toolbar. On the dropdown menu, select “Type on a Path” tool. Then, you can set up some text formatting actions using the “Paragraph” section of the formatting toolbar. Select “Align Left” to have the text appear in the typical format for most typography. You can play around with the spacing or change the alignment if you have a different look in mind. The last step is to start typing your text. Change the font, color and size to match the style of your artwork.
Create a Path on a Shape
It’s also possible to create a path on a shape instead of a line. After drawing a circle, rectangle or another shape with the appropriate tool in the main toolbar, select the “Type on a Path” option like you would for a line. Click on the top anchor point of your shape to set a start area for the typing path. Then, you can start placing the text into your project. You can resize your shape or move it around with the text already on it to see some different options for your vision.
Typing doesn’t always have to follow a straight line or boring paragraph style. Shutterstock can help you discover the cool secrets waiting in graphic design programs like Illustrator so your project can be exactly what you want.
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