How to Test Shockwave

In this brief guide, we've outlined how to test Shockwave, so you know that it works on your default browser. There's nothing more frustrating than a broken link on a website, especially when you're giving an important presentation. Here's how to avoid a tech headache in the future.

How to Test Shockwave
First, open your web browser and check to see that you have the latest version. Then, visit this page to test Shockwave. Below the "Adobe Shockwave Player" section, you should see an animation play through without interruptions. If you don't see anything in this section, you probably need to install Shockwave.

How to Install Shockwave
1. First, go here and find out if you have an older version of Shockwave Player on your computer. When you click the "Check Now" box, you'll see a list with your Shockwave version, browser name, and operating system. If you don't have Shockwave, it will read "Not installed". 

2. To access the latest version of Shockwave Player, click here. Click the "Download Now" button to save the installer file to your hard drive, and then follow the installation instructions.  

3. Next, you need to make sure that Shockwave Player is enabled on your browser. Here's how to do it on today's major browsers:

  • Chrome: Start a new Chrome window, and type in "chrome://plugins" in the address bar. Browse the plugins until you find Adobe Shockwave Player. Click "Enable", and then check the "Always Allowed" box, so that the plugin runs seamlessly. 
  • Firefox: Go to "Tools" > "Add-ons". Choose Plugins from the list. Find Shockwave Flash in the Add-ons Manager, and choose "Always Activate". 
  • Safari: Go to "Safari" > "Preferences". In the Security section, check the box for "Enable JavaScript" and "Allow Plug-ins". Then, select "Website Settings". Choose Shockwave Player (or Flash Player) from the list, and change the "When visiting other websites" section to "Allow".

Finally, restart your browser and load the Shockwave test page. If it plays, you're ready to start enjoying Shockwave content. 

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