How to Sync in Lightroom

In this handy guide, we've shared how to sync in Adobe Lightroom, so that you can speed up your workflow when editing a photography session. Lightroom Mobile Sync, Standard Sync, and Auto Sync are just a few of the different options within the popular editing software. Here are some of our favorite syncing methods: 

Standard Sync
Next, if you select any photo in Lightroom, it will be the "master photo" in the project. You can use the master photo to apply settings to other photos in the group, and this is the standard syncing method. 

Click on any photo in the filmstrip, and then press Ctrl+Shift+S (or Command+Shift+S on Mac) to launch the Synchronize Settings dialog box. Here, you can choose any master photo attributes (such as White Balance and Saturation) and apply them to the group. When you're happy with the settings, click the "Synchronize" button.  

Auto Sync
Unlike standard sync, the auto syncing method updates your photos in real time. If you adjust a photo in the group, the other photos will change so that they're consistent with your edit. To enable this function, select your group of photos and then click the switch next to the "Sync..." button. It should change to "Auto Sync". Now, any image edits or presets will be applied to the entire group.  

The "Previous" Function
"Previous" is another quick way to apply settings between images. Just select an image, make adjustments, choose another image, and press the "Previous" button (or Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+V). The button is located in the lower-right area of Lightroom, below the main panels. When you only have a few images in your group, this is the fastest option.

Copy and Paste
Like the "Previous" button, the Copy and Paste function allows us to copy settings between images. Simply select an image, press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C to launch the Copy Settings dialog box, and then choose the settings you wish to copy. If you hit the "Check All" button, all of the image settings will be copied. When you're ready, click "Copy", select another image, and press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V to paste the settings.  

Mobile Sync
Finally, you can set up Lightroom Mobile Sync so that your photos are synced between the desktop, Lightroom mobile client, and Adobe Creative Cloud app. When you sign in to Lightroom, go to the Activity Center and make sure the "Sync with Lightroom mobile" setting is on. Then, select the Collections panel and choose which photo collections to sync. 
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