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How To Stabilize Video in Premiere Pro?

How To Stabilize Video in Premiere Pro?

The best thing about Adobe Premiere Pro is that it allows anyone to create professional-quality videos. You can use the powerful tools to complete every step of the process, from importing and cutting clips, to applying effects and sweetening the audio. If you find your footage is shaky and distracting once you import it, there is something you can do about that too. Premiere Pro has the ability to stabilize your video and the technology is not even difficult to use. In fact, it is one of the simplest effects to apply to a clip. Turn to Shutterstock to learn how to stabilize video in Premiere Pro and more.

Stabilizing Video

If you already know how to apply an effect to a clip, using the stabilizer is just as straightforward as any other effect. All you need to know is where the stabilizer is located. If you do not know how to apply an effect to a clip, prepare to be surprised just how quick and easy it is. First, click on the "Effects" tab to the left of the window. You will see a library of different effects. Open up the "Video Effects" folder and then navigate down to the "Distort" folder. The effect you want is called "Warp Stabilizer." There are two ways to apply it to a clip. You can select the clip you want to apply it to, and then double clip the effect. Alternatively, you can simply drag the effect from the library to the clip on the timeline. Either way, you should immediately see the stabilizer get to work automatically. It should first begin by analyzing the footage and then automatically stabilizing it. In a few moments, it will finish and you can see how well the footage has been stabilized. It really is as simple as that. 

Additional Settings

If your footage looks good, you are done. If it looks jarring or like something went wrong, open up "Effect Controls" and you will see a few settings you can play with to make adjustments to the stabilization. In particular, the "Smoothness" bar will let you control how strong the stabilization effect should be. This lets you fine tune the effect until it is absolutely perfect. 

Now you should have a complete understanding of how to stabilize video in Premiere Pro. You can count on Shutterstock to help you with many other advanced tools in Premiere Pro, as well as other video and image editing software.
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