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How To Split Video in Premiere Pro

How To Split Video in Premiere Pro

With Premiere Pro video editing software, you can go beyond the basic editing functionality and add dazzling effects that make your project stand out. One feature that may come in use for advanced video editing is splitting video clips. Splitting media clips can help you break lengthy footage down into more manageable pieces and make editing easier. Here are the simplest ways to learn how to split video in Premiere Pro.

What You Can Do With Separate Clips 

One of the most common reasons editors want to split clips is to shorten them into smaller pieces. Another reason why you may want to split clips is if you want to apply different effects to the individual clips. You may also want to add different styles of transitions or titles to the separate clips to make the project more unique and interesting. Only splitting the clips into separate media items can help you achieve this. Figuring out how to split video in Premiere Pro helps you get more control of the media.

Cut the Clip 

The first step in splitting a video is to open it from the project part of your screen and place it on the timeline. Then, select the clip and adjust the timeline bar to the spot where you want to make a cut and split your single video into two or more separate clips. You'll need to go to the Sequence menu and click on Razor. With the Razor tool selected, you can then pinpoint the exact spot once again and make the cut within the clip.

Shorten or Add a Transition

Once you've separated a longer piece of media into smaller clips, you can begin to customize each video clip to your liking. One easy way to make each clip different is to add a transition to the beginning or ending. You could use a fade effect or some other transition to go between the two shorter clips. It may work well to have a transition start in the first clip and blend into the second clip to give them more unity once again. You can also opt to cut even more from your separate clips by trimming the end or beginning of each clip to fit your audience's attention span.

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