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How To Spell Check in Illustrator

If you use Illustrator to create designs that include text, proper spelling should be one of your main concerns. Whether you’re creating a product brochure or the design for business cards, avoiding misspelled words is essential. Even a single misspelled word can cause your entire creation to be perceived as amateur and unprofessional. Fortunately, Illustrator has its own spell check tool that you can use to double-check your design. Follow these steps to use spell check in Illustrator.
Step-by-Step Guide to Using Illustrator’s Spell Check
  1. Go to your Edit option, then select Check Spelling.
  2. Click the Start option to begin checking your design for misspelled words.
  3. If you would like to set your own options for ignoring or finding specific words, locate the dialog box and click the arrow icon at the bottom. You’ll then be able to set your desired spell check options.
  4. When Illustrator identifies misspelled words or other potential problems with the text portion of your design, you can address the problem by doing one of the following:
  5. Click Ignore to ignore the currently identified problem word and continue on with the spell check.
  6. Click Ignore All to have Illustrator ignore all instances of the currently identified problem word.
  7. Click Add if you want Illustrator to include an unrecognized word in its dictionary so that it will not continue to identify it as a misspelled word. This is a good option if you know the word is correct but it is not already in Illustrator’s dictionary. Once you add the word, Illustrator will no longer identify it as a misspelled word in the future.
  8. Change the misspelled word to the correct version of the word by selecting the appropriate spelling from Illustrator’s Suggestions list. You can also manually enter the correct spelling of the word if you prefer.
  9. Click Done when Illustrator finishes checking your file for misspelled words.
How To Apply a Language to Text
If you need to apply a language to your text like Traditional German, English or Reformed German, you can do so in a few simple steps:
  • Choose Edit, then Preferences, then Hyphenation (for Windows)
  • Choose Illustrator, then Preferences, then Hyphenation (for Mac OS)
  • Select the dictionary you want from the Default Language menu
  • Click OK
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