How to Skew Text in Illustrator

How to Skew Text in Illustrator

Useful when creating graphics, logos, fonts and cartoons, Adobe Illustrator is mostly used by those creating vector graphics which are based on mathematical constructions. Illustrator is ideal for any type of design that needs to be printed in different sizes, because vectors don’t lose quality when they are scaled up or down. 

Because Illustrator is not dependent on resolution, you may also get a better print output when using it. Although it is not widely used to modify existing images because of the limited image editing tools and filters, Illustrator is a convenient tool for those in the graphic design industry. 

Changing Text

In the Illustrator program, text can be slanted horizontally or vertically as it is relative to the anchor point. Skewing the text can create a font that looks italicized, or you can exaggerate the shearing for an extreme effect. Text is slanted to the diagonal with vertical shearing. 

One way to skew text in Illustrator is from the object menu. Click object, then transform, then shear. You can also right click on a PC or control click on a Mac and jump right to the transform option. 

Another way to skew text is through the transform panel. This panel is located in the top right section of the screen. Click transform and at the bottom of the menu box, you will find the option to shear the text next to the scale strokes and effect box. 

How to Use the Shearing Tool

Once you have selected the shearing tool, which is at times concealed behind the scale tool, you can place the anchor by clicking anywhere in your document. The skew is subtler the farther is it away from the center of the text object. Without an anchor, the program will assume that the alignment should be between the horizontal and vertical center of the text object.

With just a drag of the mouse, your text can be skewed right or left. Press in the “Shift” key to keep the original height of the text. The text will move to a diagonal if you move the mouse vertically and the “Shift” key will also keep the original width.

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