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How To Scan to PDF

Portable Document Format is a powerful file format that offers a high level of accessibility and functionality. PDF files can generally be saved, shared, and accessed without issues relating to the operating system. Additionally, PDFs can maintain their appearance regardless of the computer system used to view them, and they also support electronic signatures and password protection.
If you want to take advantage of these benefits, you can save your digital projects as PDFs. You can also scan to PDF to convert physical documents into electronic PDF files. If you use the free Acrobat DC software from Adobe, you can convert paper documents to PDF files that are highly functional and allow searching, editing, and quality enhancement.
Scan to PDF With These Steps
  1. Download the free Adobe Acrobat DC software.
  2. On the right side of the screen, find and click on the Enhance Scans tool.
  3. Select the Scan a Document option, and click Start to open the scanning view.
  4. Choose Recognize Text, and fill out the selection options for language and number of pages.
  5. Find the magnifying glass icon called Correct Suspects. Clicking on this will bring up any text errors the program identified so you can fix them.
  6. Compare the actual text to the scanned image, and correct any problems. Each time you make a correction, you will need to click the Accept button.
  7. Click Done once you have viewed and corrected all the potential text errors.
Convert a Document Photo to a PDF
If you don't have access to a scanner, you can take digital pictures of your paper documents and convert them to PDF files.
  1. Take a photo of your document following best practices (centered frame, adequate lighting, good image quality).
  2. In Acrobat DC, open the digital photo file and click on the Enhance Scans tool.
  3. Select Camera Image, and choose which option you want from the Content menu. In most cases, the Auto Detect tool should work well.
  4. Use your cursor to move the blue dots on the screen to frame the image. You may have to fix the skewing if your document isn't aligned. Click Enhance Page.
  5. Adjust the contrast in the preview as needed.
  6. Click on Recognize Text and select In This File from the drop-down menu. This will convert the image into searchable and editable text.
Scanning your physical documents into PDF files allows you to edit, share, and sign them across various devices with different hardware and software. You can enhance your PDFs with high-quality stock photos from Shutterstock to ensure your final document has the visual impact you want.
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