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How To Rotate Video in Final Cut Pro

How To Rotate Video in Final Cut Pro

Have you ever taken a video on your phone only to realize later that you filmed it vertically? It is fairly universal that people hate watching videos that were filmed vertically, so now, if you want to share it, you are going to need to rotate it so it is horizontal. You can also benefit from understanding how to rotate video in Final Cut Pro if you have a video that was filmed at an odd angle. In Final Cut Pro, rotating is done using the built-in effect Transform.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you have your video, you need to import it to the device with Final Cut Pro installed on it. In Final Cut Pro, select the video by clicking the video within the timeline. Note that when you click on the video, the default selects the whole video. If you only need parts of the video rotated, then you would need to select by frame and rotate each frame that needs it done. 

After you have the content you want to rotate pulled up, you should click Transform. This is found in the lower-right corner of the Viewer window. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut Shift-T to open this menu.

The Rotate Handle will appear near the center of the window. It looks like circle that isn't completed. Drag the handle to rotate the image as much as needed. If you need to make minor changes in the rotation, move the handle further away from the center. This will give you more precise control. When you are finished, click Done.

Further Adjustments

You may need to make further edits to ensure the video looks good. When you rotate, it can throw off the measurements of the video, so you may need to resize it. There should be a black window behind the video to show you the size of the original clip. If you can see any part of that, then it means the changes altered your videos height and width. You can then use the Transform menu again to fix this. When you click Transform, you will use the resize handles in the corners of the video to adjust it to fit in the black window space. 

When changing the size of a video, you may end up with clarity issues. If you have pixilation concerns, then instead of resizing, use the crop feature to trim and resize the video.

Handling editing tasks, like how to rotate video in Final Cut Pro, is part of polishing your video for production. Other aspects include adding in new images or freeze frames to enhance your overall final product. If you need access to royalty-free images, check out Shutterstock. 
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