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How To Rotate Text in Illustrator

Many novice users of Illustrator think of it as a great way to customize shapes and images for a graphic design project or piece of artwork. Illustrator also gives you powerful features that create incredible text effects for projects such as invitations, brochures, advertisements and posters. You can create stunning text designs that use color, shading, textures, patterns, shadows and more to bring your piece to life. One of the most useful text features is Illustrator’s power to move and rotate words on your piece. Here is information about how to rotate text in Illustrator.
Begin With a Text Box
First, you’ll need to type some text on your Illustrator canvas. Click on the “Text” option on the main toolbar on your screen. Then, place the text box on your screen. Open the “Type” menu to adjust the direction and settings of your text box for some fun effects. You can select the “Type Orientation” option and choose either horizontal for text that goes across the screen or vertical if you want the words to climb up and down the canvas. Once you’ve finished typing, you can get started on learning how to rotate text in Illustrator.
Rotate the Text in One Step
Before you rotate your text, make any adjustments to the size of the text, the font, the color and bolding or italics. Then, select the text box by clicking on it. Next, click on the “Rotate” tool in the main toolbar on the left of your computer’s screen. Once the rotation tool is active, you can begin adjusting the direction and degree in which you want your text to move. You can play around with how it looks and move it across your canvas to get the exact style of the design you have in your head.
Specify the Exact Rotation
There is also another way to rotate the text that gives you more control over the exact direction and position of the text. If you need to use a process that is more exact, this option may work better than using the “Rotate” tool. Select the text box and open the “Type” menu. In the menu, there is an option to perform rotations within your text box. Choose the “Character Rotation” tool and adjust the degree for a precise rotation. You can also select each word or character individually if you want to have different rotation effects throughout the entire text on your project.
Rotating text can give your design something special and interesting beyond the usual. Shutterstock can help you understand some of the more complex tools in Illustrator to give you better options for your work.
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