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How To Reduce Noise in Premiere Pro

How To Reduce Noise in Premiere Pro

Few things are more distracting in a video than audible background noise. Often, once the ear becomes accustomed to the hum of a refrigerator, air conditioner or some other source, the noise becomes imperceptible. However, when the video is played back, the sound is not only discernible, it can entirely ruin the quality of the piece. Luckily, for video editors who use Adobe's Creative Suite, how to reduce noise in Premiere Pro is no big deal. It is a relatively simple task to eliminate the ambient background noise in a video without spoiling the desired part of the sound.

Sample the “Silence”

It is always a good idea to shoot several seconds or more of “silent” video on every take. Background noises are usually present even if they are very faint. By recording a sample of only the background noise, the software can remove just that frequency range in the final audio cut. This is known as "room tone".

Select Your Noise

Import your video clip and right click the footage in the timeline. From the shortcut menu, select “Open in Adobe Audition.” Audition is Creative Suite's full-featured sound editing tool that works with Premiere Pro. Use the mouse to click and drag to select a sample of the “silent” portion of your clip that contains only background noise. The longer the background noise clip, the better job Audition will do eliminating the noise from the rest of the video. 10 or 20 seconds should do the trick nicely. 

Filter Out the Hums

Press CTRL+SHIFT+P to remove the selected noise from the rest of the soundtrack in the selected clip. Adobe Audition eliminates the frequency of the sample "silent" clip from the entire clip's audio. To perform this operation, Audition has to remove some of the sound information in the file, so depending on several factors, the sound quality may suffer. The program does a fantastic job of removing the unwanted sounds without significantly damaging the audio you want to keep. You will get better results when you record longer samples and when the background noise you want to remove is not too loud as compared to the audio you want to keep.

Experience Matters

Now you know how to reduce noise in Premiere Pro. As you continue to expand your video experience, you will develop an ear for background noises so you can eliminate the worse offenders before you shout “action!” Learning your craft can also mean knowing when to choose top-quality stock footage from Shutterstock. An affordable source of millions of professionally shot clips on every imaginable subject can only serve to enhance your creative visual projects.
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