How to Record on Adobe Audition

In this walkthrough, we've shared how to record on Adobe Audition, so you can capture live instruments, write MIDI melodies, and much more. 

How to Record on Adobe Audition
First, let's explore the Waveform Editor, which allows you to record audio files from any device (including your computer's built-in microphone). To set your audio inputs, go to "Edit" ("Audition" on Mac) > "Preferences" > "Audio Hardware". Click on the Device Class menu, and select a sound card (i.e. your built-in sound card, or an audio interface). Then, choose any input or output that is associated with the card. 

Now you're ready to start recording! You can either create a new file, or overwrite an existing file with new audio, depending on your creative needs. To set a starting point for your recorded audio, find the current-time indicator (it looks like a yellow stylus) and drag it anywhere along the timeline. Then, click on the Record button at the bottom of the Editor panel.

Recording in the Multitrack Editor
With the Waveform Editor, you can only record one audio file at a time, but the Multitrack Editor is much more flexible. If desired, you can record audio on multiple tracks, so that they're layered together in a detailed composition. 

To prepare your multitrack recording, select the Inputs/Output section of the Editor panel, and choose an Input source. You'll need to "arm" a track before it can capture any audio, so click the "R" button (called "Arm to Record") for that particular track. 

Now, you should be able to see audio coming through the software, and you can adjust the volume to a reasonable level. You can also monitor any audio coming through the input by clicking the "I" button (called "Monitor Input"). When you're happy with the levels for a track, just repeat the process with additional tracks so that they're prepared to record simultaneously. 

Finally, drag the current-time indicator anywhere along the timeline, and press the Record button in the Editor panel to start recording. 

Recording a Punch-In Take
With Adobe Audition, it's also easy to record audio within a predefined time range. 

Let's say you want to record a new voiceover segment between 00:15 and 00:30 of your project. First, choose the Time Selection tool and then drag between 00:15 and 00:30 to highlight that section. Then, click the "Arm for Record" button on the desired track input to prepare it for recording. 

Finally, set the current-time indicator a few seconds before the predefined segment, so that the full recording is captured. Click the Record button in the Editor panel, and Audition will only record during the time range that you've selected. 

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