How to Package an InDesign File

InDesign doesn't automatically embed all of your assets in the project, so if you simply email a .indd file to someone, it won't included any of your linked media. In this walkthrough, we've outlined how to package an InDesign file so that all of the graphics, fonts, and other assets are included when you share it with others.

1. First, open your current InDesign project and double-check that every graphic, font, and image is displayed correctly. You don't want to have any broken links when you package the file, because it will stay that way if you email it to someone else. When you're happy with how the project looks, select "File" > "Package" from the menu bar. 

2. A dialog box will appear with summaries of your linked files. Clicking on the Fonts tab displays a list of your linked fonts, and if you select "Find Font", it will show you where individual fonts are located on your hard drive. Likewise, the Links and Images tab lists all of your other source material. 

3. After browsing through the Package summary window, click the "Package" button to start the packaging process. Another window will appear with printing instructions, so read it over if necessary and then click "Continue. Finally, choose where you'd like to save the package folder on your computer, and enter a name for the folder. 

4. In the same file directory window, check the boxes for "Copy Fonts", "Include Fonts and Links from Hidden…", "Update Graphic Links in Package", and "Copy Linked Graphics". Leave the other boxes unchecked.  

5. Finally, click the "Package" button at the bottom of the window. Open the new package folder with all of your InDesign project material, and make sure that everything was copied into the folder. 

6. Now, use your computer's built-in compression program to zip the package folder into one neat file. On most computers, you should be able to right-click on the folder and choose "Send to ZIP" or "Compress", depending on if you're using Windows or Mac.

7. Once you've learned how to package an InDesign file, the zipped file might still be too large to send via email. Anything over 15 MB is probably too large for most email clients, so we recommend using a file storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, and then sharing the link with your colleagues or friends.  

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