How To Make Video Transitions

Mastering transitions is essential if you hope to make it in the world of videography. Transitions can help seamlessly blend one scene or shot into the next and to inject drama, mystery, humor or any other feeling into a passage. Over the past few decades, directors have utilized them both out of necessity and as artistic devices. If you're an aspiring filmmaker, it is imperative that you understand how to make video transitions with popular editing software.

Types of Video Transitions

Before you learn how to make transitions, you should first understand the various types of video transitions you can use. Some of the more popular video transitions used by filmmakers are as follows:

  • The Fade: Fades are one of the more dramatic transitions which is why filmmakers use them at the beginning or ending of movies, but rarely elsewhere.
  • The Cut: The cut is the simplest transition as it's not really a transition at all. Cuts are typically used to show the intensity of a scene.
  • The L Cut: The L cut is like the cut in that it jumps from one scene to the next. However, the audio from the previous scene remains.
  • The Wipe: Wipes lend a vintage feel to a film and typically start with a shape or line.
  • The Dissolve: The dissolve interposes two clips. As the first ends, the second begins.

Adding Transitions in Final Cut Pro

Adding transitions in Final Cut Pro involves three basic steps. First, select the transition you wish to use. You can find these in the Transitions browser on the lower right area of your screen. Hold the one you wish to use and drag it atop your footage.

Select the duration of your transition. You can time in one second intervals. Play with transition intervals by dragging either edge of the transition one way or the other.

If you want your video to have more flair, layer transitions. Do this by selecting a new transition and dragging and dropping it on top of the existing transition.

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