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How To Make Premiere Pro Run Faster

How To Make Premiere Pro Run Faster

Few things are as frustrating as having to deal with slow editing software, especially when a deadline is looming. When this occurs to you, you do not have to resign yourself to powering through it, gnashing your teeth along the way. Instead, you can learn how to make Premiere Pro run faster with these tips. 

Reduce Preview Resolution

Most of the time, there is no need to preview your videos in full resolution when you are still in the process of editing. You can decrease the preview resolution by half or by a quarter. This frees up some of your computer’s GPU to expend on other endeavors. 

Edit in a Way That Matches Footage Settings

Many editors have the practice of importing 4K video clips and downsizing each individual one to 1080p. While this is certainly preferable than upscaling clips, which you should never do, it can take a toll on Premiere Pro’s performance. You should always edit clips in their native resolutions. Once you are done editing, you can develop an independent 1080p sequence and place all your content into it. This will result in substantially less stuttering. 

Disable Clips You Are Not Using

You may have a ton of clips to utilize in the timeline, but you likely do not need all of them simultaneously. When you are working on different sections, you can disable clips, so they do not eat up valuable resources. On Windows computers, you can do this easily by pressing “ctrl+shift+e.”

Select GPU Previewing

You can preview video in three ways: through software, a Nvidia graphics card or an AMD graphics card. Software is always selected inherently because not all software systems will have a dedicated graphics card. In the event your system does have a graphics card, then you need to go to the “Renderer” dropdown menu to select it for previews. This frees up more of the software. 

Move the Cache

Media cache files will naturally go to your OS drive. To make the OS drive more focused on reading and writing your applications, such as Premiere Pro, you can to direct those files to a different drive. Many editors prefer to have a dedicated 500GB SSD to store cache files. 

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