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How To Make a Triangle in Illustrator

If you know as much as possible about Illustrator’s coolest tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get your projects done faster and more efficiently. One of the basics every user should know about Illustrator is how to make shapes. Creating circles and rectangles are a relatively easy process, but designing a polygon is a little more challenging. In some of your designs, you’ll need more complicated shapes, such as triangles. Here is a quick guide on how to make a triangle in Illustrator.
Draw an Isosceles Triangle
The first method of how to make a triangle in Illustrator gives you an option of creating an isosceles triangle. This is a triangle that has two equal sides. Start by selecting the “Rectangle” tool on the standard Illustrator toolbar on the left of your screen. Then, create a simple square on your canvas. Directly select the top length of the square and delete it from your canvas. Next, right click on the two top points of the open square. In the menu box that pops up, choose “Average” and “Both.” Right click on the open points again and select “Join” and “Corner.” Now, your triangle is ready to be resized, shaded, colored or moved around to fit your project.
Use the Polygon Shape
You can also draw a triangle with the polygon shape tool. Start with the shape tool, but choose the “Polygon” shape instead of the rectangle. This shape tool lets you customize what kind of shape you want and the number of sides. In the dialog box that appears, set the number of sides to three. Adjust the radius of the shape to 60. This will give you a triangle shape for your artwork.
Create an Equilateral Triangle
The last way you can draw a triangle helps you create an equilateral triangle. This is a triangle with three equal angles and sides. When you first choose the shape to draw, scroll down to select the “Star” shape tool. In the next step, you’ll see a dialog box pop up. Adjust the number of sides for a perfect triangle and input three into the box. You can also tweak the size of your triangle by adjusting the radius settings for this shape tool. Then, click on “OK,” and your perfectly-shaped triangle will be placed on your canvas.
Whether you need triangles, stars, polygons or circles, Illustrator can help you bring your dream vision to the screen. With Shutterstock, you can see how to get access to these tools and use them in your next design.
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