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How To Make a Title Sequence in Final Cut Pro

How To Make a Title Sequence in Final Cut Pro

Adding a title sequence to your video project can really liven it up and make it look like a professionally produced piece. In Mac's Final Cut Pro, adding a basic title sequence is a relatively straightforward process that novices can learn to do without too much trouble. By walking through the steps presented here on how to make a title sequence in Final Cut Pro, you will get a basic understanding of the tools and processes involved. Once you have reached that level an entire world of creative possibilities for using title sequences will open up to you. Let’s get started learning the steps for adding a text overlay to your video project.

Step 1: Position the playhead on the timeline

The playhead is a gray vertical line that marks the current position in the project timeline. Move the playhead to the point where you want the title to appear by clicking and dragging it.

Step 2: Open the Titles and Generators window

Press OPTION+CMD+1 or choose “Window,” “Go To” and “Titles” from the menu. This window allows you to browse all the preset title styles available to use. You can browse all the title styles at once or browse by category.

Step 3: Place the title on the timeline

Once you have selected the title you want, drag it to the desired location on the timeline. You can adjust its length by stretching it to the desired size.

Step 4: Add the text

Now that you have positioned the text placeholder on the timeline, type in the text you want to appear onscreen in the viewer. Make sure the playhead is positioned in the timeline where you have placed the text. Switch to Viewer and double-click inside the title placeholder. When you see the insertion point, begin typing the text for your title.

Step 5: Exit text editing mode

When you are finished typing your title text, press CMD+RETURN to exit the text editing mode.

Moving Forward

Congratulations! You just mastered an essential skill. Knowing how to make a title sequence in Final Cut Pro is one of the necessary skills needed to produce top-notch video productions. As you continue to build on your collection of technical abilities, your creative imagination will begin to soar. Remember, you don't have to shoot all the footage yourself to make a professional level video. The millions of high-quality royalty-free clips available at affordable rates from Shutterstock can help your visual work pack a powerful punch.
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