How to Make a Slideshow Video

Learning how to make a slideshow video of a family road trip or solo vacation is easy. Both Windows and Mac computers have their own media programs for arranging slideshows, which you can also pair up with some fun background music. Add some fancy transitions and a few titles, and you’ve got yourself a show. Below, we’ve shared the essential steps for creating a slideshow video with Apple Photos or Windows Media Center. 

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Using Photos (Mac)

  1. Previously known as iPhoto, Apple’s Photos application allows you to edit images and create cool slideshows with a few clicks. First, open the File tab on the toolbar and then select “Create Slideshow”. Give you new slideshow a name, and then click OK. 

  2. Now, any photos that you select can be added to the slideshow. When you click on a photo, a blue circle with a check mark will appear in the photo’s bottom right corner. Select all the photos that inspire you, and then click Continue. 

  3. Next, you’ll be taken to another screen with a photo timeline, which allows you to drag and drop photos into a particular order, add text, and more. On the right side, you’ll also see a section for themes (i.e. transitions between slides), background music, and adjusting the length of time between slides. When you’re happy with these choices, click on the Preview button to see if your slideshow delivers the goods. 

  4. Finally, you can export the slideshow as a QuickTime video file and share it with friends. Click the Export button in the top right corner, and then choose your video quality (there are options for 420p, 720p, or 1080p). Then, click Save to create your new video.  

Using Windows Media Center

  1. Before learning how to make a slideshow video, you’ll need to upload your entire photo collection to Media Center first. Then, you’ll be able to scan through the photos within the application. To see your full collection, just click on the Start screen and look for the Pictures + Videos section. Then, choose “Pictures Library”. 

  2. You can play every image in order by selecting “Play Slide Show”, but you’ll probably want to make a curated video. To do this, click on the desired folder with images that you want to use, and then choose “Play Slide Show”. 

  3. From there, you can add background music, but you’ll need to save the custom slideshow first. Within the “Pictures Library”, click the “Slide Shows” button (located above the photos) and then “Create Slide Show”. This will bring up a prompt so you can name the show, edit the final photo selection, and choose an audio file for the soundtrack. Click Create, and then you’ll have a copy of the slideshow to play anytime. 

  4. Finally, there is still a way to adjust your slideshow’s settings, even after you’ve saved it. Look for the Tasks tab on the program’s start screen; then click “Settings”, “Pictures”, and “Slide Shows”. Now you can tweak the slide timing, transitions, and other options. Hit Save, and your new settings will be applied.

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