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How To Make a Logo in Photoshop

How To Make a Logo in Photoshop

A creative, memorable logo is essential for reaching your target audience and improving your company's brand recognition. You can use Photoshop to make a great logo that catches a viewer's eye and immediately communicates the most important elements of your business. Follow these steps to create a stunning logo easily.

Getting Started

Before you start adding elements in Photoshop, you should have a basic idea of the shapes, colors, text, and other elements you want to incorporate. Remember, in most cases, simplicity is best for logos. An overly complicated or busy design may fail to connect with viewers or leave them confused about what your company does.

When you're ready to start building your logo in Photoshop, open a new document. Use the parameter settings to create a large image file with high resolution. Although you probably won't ever use this extremely large version of your logo, creating it this way helps preserve the quality when you shrink the image to a standard size.

Adding Elements

In your new file, you can add shapes, images, and text. You may want to create a couple different versions of your basic logo idea to see which one looks best. Create a new layer for each element you add. That way, you can modify or remove them individually without disrupting the other pieces of your design. 
    1. Shapes: Add preset shapes with the Shape tool on the left-hand menu. If you can't find a shape you want, you can draw your own with the paintbrush or pencil option.
    2. Images: Images can work very well in logos, especially when they are strongly related to your company's name, industry, or mission. You can browse  Shutterstock's library of millions of royalty-free images to find the perfect one for your logo.
    3. Text: You can add words with the Text tool from the menu. It's easiest to type your text first and then modify the font, size, and color. 

Making Adjustments

Once you have all the elements of your logo in your file, you can modify and edit each one until you are happy with the result. Try changing the size, shape, colors, and font styles. Experiment with some of the Photoshop effects, such as color gradients, shadows, and filters. Most tools are located in the drop-down menus at the top of the screen.

When you have the final version of your logo, it's time to save your file. First, save a .psd file (a Photoshop file) so you can easily open and edit the file later on. Then, save a .jpg for use in your digital and print applications. 

A great logo can propel your business to new heights. Get started creating a stunning logo with help from Photoshop and Shutterstock.
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