How to Make a Flyer in InDesign

With a huge selection of fonts and filters, Adobe InDesign makes it easy to design complex flyers. Once you get a grasp on the essentials — like the Type, Rectangular Frame, and Color Theme tools — you can create any flyer or poster imaginable. In this walkthrough, we've shared how to make a flyer in InDesign, so you can promote your rock band, spread the news about an upcoming yard sale, or find your lost pet. 

Creating a New Document
First, start a new InDesign document by opening the program and selecting "File" > "New" > "Document". For "Page Size", you'll probably want to choose "Letter" so that you can print the flyer on a typical consumer printer. Depending on your creative goals, you can choose portrait or landscape dimensions in the "Orientation" setting. 

You can also save your project as a template (called a document preset) for future flyers by clicking on the arrow icon to the right of the "Document Preset" setting, and then naming your preset. When you're happy with the document settings, click OK. 

Placing an Image
Next, you need a compelling image that can serve as a background for your flyer. Choose the Selection tool (black arrow) from the Tools panel, or press the V key. Then, go to "File" > "Place" and select an image from your hard drive. Your Selection tool icon will change to an image icon, allowing you to click and drag anywhere on the project to place your image. 

Depending on your personal preference, you can expand the image so that it fills the entire layout, or leave a small border around the outside. For the highest resolution flyer, select "View" > "Display Performance" > "High Quality Display". 

Creating a Headline
Now, select the Type tool from the Tools panel (or press the T key). Click and drag on your project to create a new text box. Type out your text, highlight it, and then select a font from the Type options menu (located near the top left side of the screen). In this menu, you can also adjust the font size and style.  

Sharing More Information
With the Rectangular Frame tool, you can quickly create a solid-colored box to make smaller text more legible. This is a great option when deciding how to place information about an event, such as the time, location, and contact details. 

Just select the Rectangular Frame tool (it looks like a box with an X through it) from the Tools panel, and then click and drag to draw a rectangle on your flyer. In the middle of the tool's options bar, there are two swatch icons for the rectangle's Fill and Stroke. Click on the Fill icon and select a color that goes well with your image, while also allowing your text to be read easily. 

Finally, select the Type tool and draw a text box inside your new rectangle to type out the important details. To make your text even more legible on a printed flyer, press Ctrl+A to select it (Command+A on Mac), click on the Fill icon for your text, and choose "Paper".  

Printing Your Flyer
When you're happy with the flyer layout, select "File" > "Export". Then, give your flyer a name and export destination, and choose "Adobe PDF (Print)" from the Format section. Click "Save", and in the next dialog box, make sure that "High Quality Print" is selected as the Adobe PDF Preset. Finally, click "Export". Your flyer PDF will be ready to print and share with the world!

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