How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook has changed a lot over the years, and today there are many custom features that allow you to create a highly personalized profile. This includes your cover photo, which is located above your profile picture and serves as a masthead for your page. Cover photos are public, so we recommend choosing a picture that represents you, such as a favorite musician, a landscape shot from your travels, or a group photo with friends. Small businesses can also benefit from harnessing a cover photo to build their brand. Below, we've outlined how to make a Facebook cover photo that fits the site's dimensions, and then upload that image to your profile. 

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What are the Cover Photo Dimensions?
When viewed on a computer, a cover photo measures 315 pixels tall by 828 pixels wide. Meanwhile, a smartphone will display that same photo with dimensions of 360 x 640. At an absolute minimum, your photo should be 720 pixels wide, but we recommend creating a JPEG with dimensions of 315 x 851 to ensure that the photo looks sharp and loads quickly. (Sidenote: cover photos with text and/or logos will load faster as a PNG file.)

A Few Guidelines for Selecting a Cover Photo

  • Right-Align the Subjects: Since a Facebook profile is always laid out with the profile picture on the left, it looks much better to choose a cover photo whose focus is on the right side of the screen. This will balance the look of your overall page, so that it doesn't feel cluttered and lose its visual impact.   

  • Integrate Your Profile Picture: Next, your profile picture is adjacent to the cover photo, so you can get creative and have the two images interact. One popular trick is to blend the two pictures together, so that it looks like a continuous image, and then place your logo in the center of the profile picture. If you decide to try this, we recommend optimizing the photos for your desktop, where the effect will look much more obvious. 

  • Don't Overdo the Text: When cover photos were first introduced, Facebook had a rule that prevented users from dedicating more than 20% of their cover photo space to text. That rule no longer exists, but it's still a good guideline when coming up with a cover photo. Having too much text will detract from the photo's visual elements, and visitors to your page will tune out. At most, you should only use a few words, and make sure it's absolutely necessary before including them.    

Adding a Cover Photo
We've described how to make a Facebook cover photo, but how do you upload it to the page once it's optimized? Here are the basic steps:

  1. First, load your profile page. Hover your cursor in the upper-left corner of the cover photo section, until a camera icon appears with the words "Add Cover Photo" or "Update Cover Photo". 

  2. Clicking on the camera icon will launch another menu, with options to upload a new photo or choose one from your current Facebook albums. 

  3. After making your photo selection, you'll be able to reposition it to your liking. Just click and drag the image with your mouse. When you're happy with how it looks, click Save.

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